Bus Inventory

Standard Shuttle Bus Configurations
Small Shuttle Buses that Carry 5 - 15 Passengers

Ideal as Church Buses or for youth groups, or for other Small Bus Transportstion needs, these small passenger buses are versatile, nimble and easy to drive.

Medium Bus for 16-26 Passengers

Solid construction and a complete line of the latest Starcraft buses in stock and ready for delivery.  Step up to a medium size bus if you have bigger groups to transport.

27 - 45 Passenger Shuttle Buses
Large Passenger Buses

We have the latest Starcraft buses to satisfy your large bus needs.  These large people movers and built with quality and longevity in mind.

Pre-Owned Shuttle Buses
Pre-Owned Passenger Buses for Sale

Pre-owned passenger buses of all sizes.  Let us help you locate the bus that meets your exact requirements.

Paratransit / ADA Compliant / Wheelchair Shuttle Bus Configurations
5 - 15 Passenger Wheelchair Buses
Small Wheelchair Bus 5 - 15 passengers plus a wheelchair

The advantages of a small bus with versatility to transport someone in a wheelchair.  A small wheelchair bus, or paratransit bus, is a great option for smaller organizations.

16 - 26 Passenger Wheelchair Buses
Medium Sized Wheelchair Bus

Our mid-size paratransit buses come equipped for wheelchair accessibility.  We have the latest paratransit buses in stock, including a complete line of Starcraft buses.

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27 - 45 Passenger Wheelchair Buses
Large Wheelchair Buses

Large paratransit buses with wheelchair accessibility for groups that need the ability to carry handicapped passengers.  We carry Starcraft buses that can meet your handicap accessible needs.

Specialty / Specific Use / Pre-Owned Shuttle Buses
Church Buses / Church Shuttle Buses
Church Buses for Sale

We have many Church Buses for sale.  You can choose from 5 - 45 passenger capacity and include a wheelchair lift and various luggage accommodations.  These buses also work very well for retirement homes, senior living facilities and nursing homes.

School Buses
School Activity Buses

Perfect for small to medium outings for schools and educational organizations of all types.

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