Bus Floor Plans

View available passenger configurations from 5 - 15 passengers

Perfect for those needing a simple, spacious and well-equipped small shuttle bus at an unbeatable price. The XPRESS is built on the Ford E-series chassis and is available in five different floor plans, most of which NO NOT REQUIRE A CDL - Commercial Driver's License.  The XPRESS is a better alternative to a cramped 15 passenger van.

Several different configurations from 16 - 26 passengers

The ALLSTAR comes in several configurations that can accommodate up to 25 passengers, making this the ideal bus for a wide range of needs.  With over 22,000 ALLSTAR buses on the road today, the ALLSTAR has become the gold standard in mid-size shuttle buses.  Paratransit configurations that can accommodate wheelchairs and a variety of luggage options make this a flexible option to consider.

Various shuttle bus configurations from 16 - 26 passengers

Built on International's UC chassis, the ALLSTAR XL series is bult on a rock-solid, steel cage frame that utilizes the same consturction as the time-tested ALLSTAR.  The mid-size ALLSTAR features a range of creature comforts, multiple seating configurations, and can easily accommodate wheelchairs via a wheelchair lift.

Large shuttle bus configurations from 27 - 45 passengers

Starcraft's largest shuttle bus, the ALLSTAR XLT is capable of carrying up to 43 passengers.  Built to meet the large capacity needs of organizations like sports teams and tour operators, the ALLSTAR XLT has expanded luggage capacity, more head and shoulder room with roomy 19" wide seats, and is built on a rugged truck chassis with a fully welded steel cage.  Check out the various seating and wheelchair configurations here.

View Available Configurations for the Prodigy School Activity Bus

Starcraft's Prodigy School Activity Bus provides, day care centers, schools, camps and other organizations a range of options for tranporting students to and from activities.  Click above to veiw the available floor plans.

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