Bus FAQs

Q: Where do I take my bus for warranty claims?
A: Service and warranty can be a real hassle unless the bus dealer is flexible. We want to make warranty and service extremely easy for you. Any new bus that you purchase from Starcraft Bus will have a chassis warranty and the body manufacturer’s warranty. Of course, your local chassis dealer, such as Ford, Chevrolet, International etc. will take care of the chassis warranty. For body warranty claims, we will allow you to use the service center of your choice in your local area if we determine that they are qualified to do the repairs.

Please call 866-264-9111 for an "approval number" whenever you have a warranty claim. Our warranty clerk will be glad to assist you. It is our intention to make sure the bus is repaired by the responsible party and to supply any parts that are needed to fix the bus. With proper communication, we can approve the warranty repair with the selected service center and get you reimbursed for the pre-approved amount in a timely manner.

I hope this makes your job easier. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to meet your transportation needs.
Q: What bus sizes are available and what are the typical price ranges?
A: Small - Up to 15 Passengers (Requires No CDL)
$39,900 to $48,000*

Medium - 16 to 26 Passengers
$47,700 to $56,000*

Large - 27 to 45 Passengers
$66,000 to $102,000*

Type-A School - 15 to 30 Children
$42,700 to $55,000*

* Used buses are available in all size categories.
Q: What bus manufacturers does StarcraftBus.net represent?
A: Starcraft Bus Sales is the web's leading outlet for Starcraft Shuttle Buses and Starcraft Paratransit Buses.  Should you wish to discuss other brands, please contact 888-264-9111 and we can help you.

We also have many used Starcraft buses "In Stock" in our inventory, all bus sizes included.
Q: What options are the most popular?
A: V-10 Gas Engine

Rear Storage & Overhead Luggage Racks

Audio/Video/PA System Packages

Wheelchair Lifts & Stations

Seat Side Sliders (more hip room)

Dual Air Conditioners
Q: Are 15 Passenger vans truly unsafe?
A: We believe so. Due to high risk of rollover, and many lawsuits against churches and schools from accident victims, many of the larger insurance companies are no longer willing to insure these vans. Legislators are working on requirements to phase out these vans as passenger vans in the coming years.
Q: Do we assist with financing?
A: Yes.  We can assist you in the process of obtaining financing for your bus. We can assist with finding up to 100% financing with many term limits available.
Q: Why should StarcraftBus.net be my bus provider?
A: We have a huge inventory "In Stock" at all times. Well over 100 new and used buses are available for delivery on any given day. Find the bus you want today and you don’t have to wait weeks for delivery.

We participate in a "Local Warranty Program". This program allows you to have warranty service taken care of locally, anywhere in the US.

We’ll pay true fair market value for your trade-in.
Q: What are the Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings on the chassis you offer?
A: FORD E350 138" W.B. 11,500 GVWR 
FORD E350 158" W.B. 12,500 GVWR 
FORD E450 158" W.B. 14,500 GVWR 
CHEVROLET 3500 139" W.B. 12,300 GVWR 
CHEVROLET 3500 159" W.B. 12,300 GVWR 
CHEVROLET 4500 159" W.B. 14,200 GVWR 
FORD F650 260" W.B. 26,000 GVWR
Starcraft is a subsidiary of Forest River, Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (BRK-A)