Starcraft Models

Starcraft Shuttle Bus Models
Starcraft XPRESS
The Ideal Shuttle Bus for Small Groups
Starcraft ALLSTAR
The Standard in Mid-Size Shuttle Buses

Available in several configurations that can accommodate up to 25 passengers, the ALLSTAR has become the gold standard in mid-size shuttle buses.  Safety is the top priority at Starcraft and the ALLSTAR has undergone rigourous testing including a 7-year / 200,000 mile Altoona testing.  With over 22,000 ALLSTAR buses on the road today, time has tested the ALLSTAR for years and proven it to be a durable and dependable performer that keeps passenger comfort in mind at all times

Starcraft ALLSTAR XL
The Ultimate in Safety, Security & Comfort

The ALLSTAR XL series delivers the ultimate in  safety bult on a rock-solid, steel cage frame that utilizes the same construction as the time-tested ALLSTAR.  The ALLSTAR gives passengers great comfort in a range of seating arrangements that can include wheelchair accessability via wheelchair lift, various luggage storage options and comfortable seats.The ALLSTAR XL is built on International's UC chassis and includes standard features that beat the competition.  Highlights include an air suspension driver's seat for a more comfortable ride, a roomy drivers area and features that make maintenance easier.

Starcraft XLT
Ideal for Large Groups with Many Added Features

The XLT is Starcraft's largest shuttle bus, capable of carrying up to 43 passengers in wide 19" seats.  The XLT is built for large capacity needs like tour operators and sports teams and includes increased luggage capacity and more creature comforts like roomy head and shoulder space, entertainement systems and even mobile wifi.  Built on a rugged truck chassis with a fully welded steel cage, the XLT is built for many years of reliable and quiet operation.  The seamless, one-piece FRP roof reduces the potential for leaks, and other features help to diminish corrosion.

Starcraft is a subsidiary of Forest River, Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (BRK-A)