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About Us

Welcome to StarcraftBus.net, the web's leader in Starcraft Bus Salesshuttle buses for sale and limousine buses for sale. We sell out of the largest inventory in the U.S. and when you Buy a Bus, we can deliver them quickly. 
StarcraftBus.net has years of experience meeting the Starcraft shuttle bus needs of a variety of markets and industries. Here are some of the markets we serve:

  • Healthcare - StarcraftBus.net regularly sells a variety of bus sizes to hospitals, retirements homes, senior communities and assisted living facilities. We have paratransit buses that are handicap accessible and perfect for these needs.
  • Casinos, Amusement Parks and other Attractions - With needs ranging from moving people between parking lots and entrance gates to shuttling people long distances to and from their locations, large 45 passenger shuttle buses are often a perfect fit.
  • Churches & Schools - The needs of these markets vary greatly. It is not uncommon for a small church to purchase a small15 passenger bus as a better alternative to a van. Our variety of handicap accessible buses also can easily meet the needs of these markets.
  • Transit Companies - Tour bus operators and others who regularly move groups of people have needs ranging from a 15 passenger bus up to our largest shuttle bus, the 45 passenger bus.

The principals of StarcraftBus.net work directly with Starcraft Bus and operate a traditional dealership as well as StarcraftBus.net, the web's leading outlet for Starcraft Bus Sales. They have been in the transportation industry for 20+ years, this results in connections & access to shuttle buses that are incredibly difficult to locate. One call to StarcraftBus.net and we will begin the process of locating the bus that is perfect for you. Our multiple distribution locations allow us to deliver the right bus to anyone.

Please feel free to browse our extensive inventory online or simply call our toll free number, 866-264-9111, and let us do the searching for you. StarcraftBus.net is the last resource you need to find the shuttle bus that is perfect for you!

Starcraft is a subsidiary of Forest River, Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (BRK-A)